A Day Makes by Mary Calmes

March 27, 2017


Mob enforcer Ceaton Mercer has killed a lot of people in a lot of different ways—he stashed the last two bodies in a toolshed belonging to a sweetheart marine researcher in an idyllic island community—but he’s really not such a bad guy. Over time he’s found a home of sorts, and he even learns he’s found a place in the hearts of the people he works with… at least enough so that they won’t put a bullet in his head because he’s outlived his usefulness to the boss.

But he never thought he’d find one day could change his life, and he’s about to discover how wrong he is.

Because in a single day, he meets the man who looks to be the one, the love of his life. It’s an improbable idea—a man who deals in death finding love—but it’s like it’s meant to be. That single day gets weirder and troubles pile up, forcing Ceaton to take a hard look at his dreary life and accept that one day can change everything, especially himself. His future might be brighter than he expects—if he can stay alive long enough to find out.


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Ceaton Mercer is having a bad day. Not like a bad hair day. More like a ‘they’re gonna kill me’ day. And it’s about to get worse. Or is it?

When he thinks he’s reached his lowest point, there is someone out there who is willing to lend a hand. But he’s also just as likely to cut it off. Should Ceaton take it, his life will be altered in ways he can’t begin to imagine. Not having any other prospects, Ceaton takes what is offered and begins a new life outside the law. Where there are no shades of black and white. In this case, if you’re not with them, you’re dead.

Once Ceaton takes his new job he does things. Dark, horrible things. But Ceaton? He’s a man made of loyal. In fact, it was his loyalty to a group of people in his past that got him where he is today. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep his employer safe. And it all works out for him, and the men who have become his family. Yes, even in the darkest of times and jobs, we look to our family for strength. No matter how dysfunctional those people might be.

Now, this book by Mary Calmes is different from most of the stuff I’ve read from her. There is only one (hot) sex scene. This novel is story-driven through and through. We get to go along on Ceaton’s journey from soldier to muscle to…something more.

The catalyst for this transformation is a young man who has a history with Ceaton that even Ceaton is unaware of. As his story unwinds, Ceaton realizes that for the first time there might be something out there for him, beyond the brutality of the life he leads.

The problem? Once they have you, can you  every truly get away?

Mary is a masterful writer. Her characters pretty much jump off the page. Ceaton is no exception. I cheered his successes and cringed at some of the things he was forced to do. (Please note: They are NOT overly graphic on page, so don’t think it’s a blood and gore book. Sometimes the strongest dark imagery is best left to the reader’s imagination. Mary takes full use of that.)

The truth of the adage is in these pages and in Ceaton’s life. What a difference ‘A Day Makes’.


The book comes out April 19th, 2017! You can Pre-order by clicking below!


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