Dragon’s Hoard by M.A. Church really roars!

August 27, 2017

I *LOVED* Dragon’s Hoard by M.A. Church

To be loved by a dragon is to be treasured.

A hundred years ago, werewolf Alpha Montgomery took a risk driven by desperation—he borrowed money from the ancient dragon Warwick Ehecatl, putting up the pack lands as collateral. Now the debt is due, and dragons don’t forget—or forgive. Warwick demands Montgomery’s son, Avery, and three businesses as compensation. As an Omega, Avery knows he is basically useless to his pack, so he might as well agree. He soon has second thoughts, though. Warwick is fearsome, and he’s free to do as he likes with Avery.

Warwick knows his race’s reputation, and he even admits some of it is deserved. But he’d rather cut off his tail than let his innocent mate’s light go out. It won’t be easy, but buried deep, there’s something between them worth safeguarding.

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Okay, anyone who knows me realizes how much I love shifter stories. They are now, and always have been, my favorites. Dragon’s Hoard by M.A. Church ranks near the top of those.

What do we have? Wolves whose leader did something foolish by borrowing money from a dragon shifter who is known to lend it, but at a price. In this case, the note comes due in one hundred years. And guess what? It’s payday.

Warwick is the dragon who dispenses cash. As an ancient dragon, he’s got plenty stored up, but he dispenses it somewhat grudgingly, and always at a cost that benefits him. (Some have the nerve to call him a loan shark. People, people. He’s a DRAGON. Seriously, you’re not about to get something for nothing with this guy. In the case of the werewolf Alpha, if he doesn’t pay the note within a hundred years, Warwick will claim all their land and kick them off it. The Alpha signs and therein we begin our tale.

Now, you’d think that a hundred years would be plenty of time, right? Especially if you’re motivated to pay it off. Well, apparently it’s not enough time for the Alpha. When Warwick arrives to collect, the Alpha gets snotty about it (and you know that never goes well. There’s a reason for this sign, people:


Simply put, the Alpha apparently wasn’t motivated enough. He says he needs more time to pay it off (now this is where I thought Warwick might send in his goons to break the Alpha’s kneecaps, but no such luck). Warwick says the terms are quite clear, and no extensions will be given. But there is something the Alpha has that Warwick will take in exchange. The Alpha offers up his daughter, but Warwick wants the Alpha’s omega son, Montgomery. The Alpha is over a barrel and agrees.

Now, I’m not telling you anything that isn’t already in the blurb, I know. I will tell you why this book was so good for me.

There wasn’t much angst. I know some people thrive on it. I’m not one of them. I love a story that can be sweet and loving, where the angst is really low-key. The Dreamspun line tells such stories. They are fantasies. Oft told stories that the author–in this case M.A. Church–puts their own spin on. And it’s a nice spin.

Warwick and Montgomery are good together. Yes, there is some initial problem in the fact that Warwick is eons old, and Montgomery is a practical ingenue, but the two of them make it work. My favorite part of this book? When Warwick takes Montgomery for a ride. Seriously, who among us hasn’t wanted to ride a freaking dragon?

If you’re looking for a violent shifter book, an angsty pain of the heart shifter book, or two different kinds of shifters butting heads, this book won’t be for you. If you’re looking for a love story as old as time, made fresh by a great author? I encourage you to check out Dragon’s Hoard. You’ll treasure it.


Wrap Up

  • 9.9/10
  • 10/10
  • 9.9/10
  • 10/10



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