‘My Omega’s Baby’ by S.C. Wynne

August 21, 2017

I very much enjoyed ‘My Omega’s Baby’ by S.C. Wynne

Blade Carr and Wyatt Smith are bodyguards from rival agencies who can’t stand each other.

Blade is a younger omega who thinks, Wyatt, a slightly older alpha, is arrogant and disrespectful. Wyatt believes Blade is nothing but a cocky punk. But when Wyatt receives a death threat, his boss decides the last place anyone will look for him is at Blade’s house.

Both men dread spending time together and are shocked when, despite their dislike of one another, they are suddenly physically attracted to each other. When they give into their lust one night, Blade just wants to pretend the perplexing night of passion never happened, but when the younger omega discovers he’s pregnant, the two men are forced to form a closer bond as they try to find a way to come together for the child.

This is a heartwarming, but steamy, 55,000 word story featuring a non-shifter Alpha/Omega world and contains mpreg (male pregnancy). This is a standalone fated-mate, gay for you story and Book One in the: Bodyguards and Babies mpreg series.

Review word and pen


Gee, you think you know–and hate–someone…

Blade and Wyatt are at odds with one another. Nah, that’s not even enough. They really, really don’t like each other. Blade is an omega. He’s cocksure, certain that the time of the alpha has passed, and that Wyatt, his pain in the ass counterpart from another agency, needs to step aside and let the youth through. It all begins to change when Blade is given an assignment to protect Wyatt. Oh, and Wyatt needs to stay in Blade’s house. Oh, and Wyatt gets a toothache… But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

I like enemies to friends. To me, and this is just my opinion, the antagonism makes the sex hotter, the feelings deeper, and the love more enduring. How so? The emotions are so intense, barely concealed beneath the surface. It only takes one small spark for them to ignite and bubble over into something that neither can walk away from.

Now, if you’re looking for shifter action, you won’t find it in this book. Though the men discuss their wolves, they are never seen. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a story about a relationship–albeit a strained one at first–as the two circle around one another, trying their best to ensure they’re not really feeling what they think they are. It’s pretty fun to watch.

There’s a bit of tension near the end of the book that has you just a tiny bit nervous. But ultimately, you know this is going to be a book where baby makes three (because otherwise I don’t think the title would work). And S.C. Wynne did it so well.

My thanks to Becca Waldrop for suggesting the book to me!



Wrap Up

  • 9.7/10
  • 9.7/10
  • 9.8/10
  • 10/10



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