Review: Ringed Love by Elizabeth Noble

May 30, 2016



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New Colorado Protectorate fell with the assassination of Chancellor Clarke. Afterward, like many others, Todd and Nick Ruger left the land of their birth and made a home up north in Yellowknife. Though they have to say a sad farewell to friends and loved ones, they are taken in with open arms and in turn offer shelter to others.

They must still contend with angry ghosts, Windigos, and water spirits, but through it all, their love and devotion for each other never falters. Nick is awarded a degree in veterinary medicine and trains students from Yellowknife, while Todd becomes the town sheriff and takes on new sentry apprentices of his own. They remain steadfast in their duty as sentries as well, leaving a legacy meant to protect and defend those who need it the most.


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I’ve followed Todd and Nick Ruger since the very beginning of the ‘Sentries’ series. In fact, it was these books that introduced me to Elizabeth Noble. It was a sad day when she said that this book, Ringed Love, would be the last in the series. Why sad? Because I have loved the heck out of every one of these books. Todd and Nick are supposed to be master and slave. In the world this book exists in, it’s expected for a slave–which Nick is–to have a master. Events have pulled them together, but it’s their unwavering love that keeps them that way.

This book was…oh, how can I say this? Holy hell, wow! We start it out in what, for them, is present time. Several years have gone by, and the men have built a life, and are helping others to do the same. Nick has become a vet and Todd has ended up as the sheriff. They’re both respected by those in the town, and are true to their ideals. From this point we jump into the past, and see what has brought them to this point. Ghosts, demons, and ghoulies, oh my! Elizabeth Noble knows how to write scenes that are horrific, while still being not overly graphic (the railroad tunnel scene comes to mind here…)

I know that this is the final book, and I suppose I have to accept that (really don’t want to, though!), but the end of this book, which shows us a bit of the future? Pixie at MM Good Books said I would need tissues. She didn’t lie. This book is, in the purest sense, a happily ever after. At least as happy as Nick and Todd are likely to ever get. We know that they will always be together, and that is, for now, enough.

If you haven’t gotten into the series yet, please give it a try! DSP has a bundle for sale of the books. It’s an excellent series that I cannot recommend more highly.

Wrap Up

Ringed Love by Elizabeth Noble

  • 9.9/10
  • 9.9/10
  • 9.9/10
  • 9.9/10



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