Thirty Things by Cate Ashwood

June 28, 2017

All their lives, Finn and Nate have been inseparable, sharing everything, and when a childhood accident left Finn broken, Nate stood by his side as all his other friends left. After all their years together, there’s one secret Finn still hasn’t revealed: he has been in love with Nate since they were eight years old. Hiding his feelings for twenty-one years—terrified of what might happen if Nate ever found out—has been difficult, but losing his best friend would be worse than living with a bad case of unrequited love. Unfortunately for Finn, Nate doesn’t make it easy.

Nate believes there are some things that just have to be done before your thirtieth birthday. As a gift to Finn, he plans an adventure to check off a list of thirty things to experience before hitting that milestone. Starting in Crawfordsville, Indiana, they tour the country, trying new things and meeting interesting new people. Nate’s having the time of his life, but he can tell Finn is holding something back. As the days count down, navigating the back roads suddenly seems easier than figuring out where their relationship is heading.

One thing’s for certain. There will be no turning back.

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I’m going to hang my head now, because this book has been on my iPad for a long time, and I just realized it yesterday! I really wish I had read it when I got it, because this is a wonderfully sweet story.

Okay so, we have Finn who had an accident when he was a kid. It left him with some very permanent reminders that he’s never going to be what some people would call normal. It battered his body, but his spirit? That’s something that can’t be broken. In his life, there has been one constant, and that’s his best friend, Nate. Oh, damn. I did love Nate. Big, bossy, bold. He’s Finn’s protector, standing between him and the world. There isn’t much he won’t do for Finn… Well, except be what Finn wants. His lover. See, Finn has had it bad for Nate since they were kids. It hurts him to see Nate parade through the home they share. Each woman that Nate brings home leaves Finn that much more heartbroken.

As Finn’s birthday approaches, Nate comes to him with plans for the two of them to do thirty things that they’ve dreamt of doing. It takes them on a trip cross country, stopping at various sites, doing things that they’ve always wanted to do, and some that they didn’t realize they did (Bungee  jumping? Seriously? Hell, no!) And as they travel together, Finn falls more and more in love with Nate. Something he didn’t even think possible. Pity Nate could never fall in love with Finn.

Or could he?

This book by Cate Ashwood is a true romance. It shows how love can grow stronger by being true to who you are, and being honest with the people you love. If you haven’t read this story, I strongly encourage you to do so. If for nothing else than the cameo appearance by MY favorite character, Colt.


Wrap Up

  • 9.9/10
  • 9.9/10
  • 10/10
  • 10/10



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